Every story has to start somewhere, and this one starts with a sound… or rather a lack of one. Funkywormhole Sound System was initially an attempt to cheaply build a sound system for sub-bass frequencies and run a few parties. This was sometime around 2002 and at that time there was very little sound system action in Hull.

Since that time things have gone from strength to strength. Festivals, Clubs, Universities, Scooter Rallies, Northern Soul Allnighters, Drum and Bass Clubs… you name it, we have supplied sound systems.


Over the years we have found that records give the most pleasing results when people are listening to music. This seems to be true in the home and also in huge crowds at public events. People have different views as to why this is the case. To make the records sound good we use Technics 1200 turntables and Shure White Label cartridges.


Lots of people use digital formats, and its convenience cannot be denied. To maximise the quality of the format we use Traktor S4 Pro-Scratch software and hardware. This will play WAV, and MP3 files whilst still allowing the use of any records or cd inputs.

record shop system

In the Funkywormhole Record Shop in Hull we have a single stack sound system . 2 x 18" bass scoops sound great for checking out any prospective purchases.

sound system hire

Anyone wanting to hire any part of the sound system is welcome to contact us. Lots of bookings are for small venues. Parties, birthdays, or any other occassions. We can provide, equipment, djs, or whatever you require, for a wide variety of musical genres including reggae, soul, breaks, dub and chillout.


For any enquiries about our sound system, or about issues with your own equipment, please feel free to contact us or drop in to the shop.